This document contains the conditions governing the use of this website (hereinafter the Web) with ID 44024998P and domiciled in

Street Martinez de la Rosa, 28-08012 Barcelona.

For the purposes of communication and user notifications to the website address

email is: and phone

Contact: 685 217 666.


Ultimavis specializes in the creation of escape games company

for individuals, groups and / or companies and provides services

group dynamics to businesses of all kinds. The services offered are

the following: Conducting group dynamics and intelligence games

strategy and everything related to the escape games.


The user is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided at the time

send your request for information. According to current regulations

protection of personal data, the file owner

It undertakes to comply with the obligation of professional secrecy

regarding this data and the duty to protect them, ensuring their

confidentiality, and adopting, if necessary, appropriate technical measures

to avoid any alteration, misuse and unauthorized access.

Personal data provided by users will not be disclosed to

any company and will only be used for sending information

Ultimavis on the services offered. Personal data will not

available to third parties at any time.

Users of this site are entitled to access, modify,

opposition and cancellation of the data contained in the automated file

of data. They must apply in writing to Ultimavis Carrer Martinez

rose 28 – 08012 Barcelona or by sending an email

to with their personal data, photocopy of the ID of the user,

mail address you provided to the web and user’s signature.


To register and request services Ultimavis user / a should be

of age and have the legal capacity to accept the

General conditions.


Any person accessing this site assumes the role of user,

commitment to the observance and enforcement of the

provisions herein, as well as any other legal provision

outside application.

Ultimavis reserves the right to modify any type of information

It could appear on the website, without any forewarning or put

inform users of such changes, meaning

enough to publish them on the website.

Ultimavis not responsible for the contents of the web pages

it redirects its website nor for any breaches

current regulations at all times that these pages may incur.

From the client’s website may be redirected to contents

third-party websites. Since Ultimavis can not always control

content posted by third parties on their websites, it does not assume

any responsibility for such content. In any case,

Ultimavis states that proceed to the immediate withdrawal of any

content that could violate national or international law,

morality or public order, proceeding to the immediate withdrawal of the redirect to

said website and informing the competent authorities

content involved.

Ultimavis not responsible for the content and information stored,

including but not limited to, forums, chat, blogs generators,

comments, social networks or any other means to third parties

independently publish content on the web page Ultimavis. Do not

However, Ultimavis collaborates actively in the withdrawal of all those

content that might affect or violate national law or

international rights, or morality and public order. in case

the user considers that there is on the website any content that

it could be susceptible to this classification, please notify so

Instant website administrator.

This website has been reviewed and tested to work properly. In

principle, can ensure the correct operation 365 days a year,

24 hours a day. However, Ultimavis not rule out the possibility that

there are certain programming errors and / or server, which arises due

force majeure, natural disasters, power outages, or circumstances

like make it impossible to access the website.

USE OF COOKIES (Cookie Policy)

Some sections of this website use cookies (small files

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purpose of a cookie is to improve service when users visit again

the Web. By collecting information on your preferences the website can act

individually when you reconnect; also they help

improve the website by identifying the most visited sections are,

which allows Ultimavis improve their service. You can set your

browser to be notified of the request for installation of a cookie or

to reject them completely. Accepting the cookie in no way gives access

Ultimavis to your computer or personal information.

Cookies are saved on the hard drive of your computer until you the

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to reject them automatically. If you reject cookies you can still use

the Website, although this may involve limiting the use of some of the

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By accessing the website the system will notify accepting the presence of cookies

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The rate is indicated at the time of booking realitzar. That’s session and

for all players and / or nationalities. For residents of the EU IVA

VAT be included in the price of the game, in order to regulate and apply

legal taxes under the legislation which is applicable to it.

Ultimavis reserves the right to apply other rates or discounts

promotions, specific dates, or specific times. These discounts

may be subject to changes and modifications and apply for a time



1. To make a gift voucher Ultimavis contact the e-


2. The Gift Voucher has a shelf life of 31  december 2019.


1. None of these terms and conditions intended loss

rights or inconvenient.

2. The game is designed for a crew of 2-5 people per game.

3. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Spain and all

disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


1. The user does not have the ability to remove the reserve on the calendar

Web reservation (in the “My Reservation”). To do so

Ultimavis inform the staff by phone or e-mail.

2. Any change or cancellation of a reservation has to be made with 2

days (48 hours) in advance.

3. If the user cancels the reservation more than 48 hours in advance,

before the reserved date, shall repay the amount Ultimavis

total fee paid and the user indicate the bank account for the


4. If the user cancels the reservation less than 48 hours (2 days) and

24 hours notice prior to the reserved date, repayment of

the fee can not be claimed, however, allow Ultimavis

generate other reservation to another date. In this case, please contact

Ultimavis always through mail or phone


5. If the user cancels the reservation less than 24 hours (one day) of

prior to your reserved date loses all rights to claim, not

or you may request a refund of the fee or the possibility of a change

Of date.

6. A reservation can be canceled by the user via e- mail. If the cancellation is entitled to reimbursement, and

in the case made by mail, the user must provide the following

data: the reservation number, date and time, along with your name and account

stream to pay the amount.

7. If for technical or other reasons can not provide Ultimavis

services, stocks that are affected will have

other dates or current fees will be refunded, according to the desire


8. Ultimavis send a confirmation email to the user, with the

reservation data, this mail is sent to the e-mail

address provided by the user during the registration process.

If this message is not received, the user must contact

Ultimavis sending a mail or phone 685 217 666.

9. The confirmation email sent Ultimavis has character

Bonus. The staff / workers can request printed the Ultimavis

Bono to enjoy the game at the time of entry. This bonus can not

It has named person, so anyone in the group may

submit and access the game.

10. The user can have an invoice from the web Ultimavis;

For this, the user must be encontacto mail us at:

11. The provider uses Catalunyacaixa.


1. Everyone plays the game at your own risk. Ultimavis not

responsible for accidents that users could have

during the game if these are due to negligence of the user, the

Mishandling of facilities and misuse

objects that are in Ultimavis.

Ultimavis has insurance to secure any civil protection

accident occurred in their facilities and to a maximum of 5 participants.

2. Ultimavis is a game for adults therefore intended for people

18 and over. However, they can participate in Ultimavis

People between 14 and 17 provided they are accompanied by a


3. Ultimavis reserves the right of admission in these cases:

– It is forbidden to film or photograph inside the premises.

– It is forbidden to participate (porte or consumed) in the game under the influence of

alcohol, drunk or any kind of drugs or other

psychotropic drugs or mind altering.

– Porte any object likely to cause damage to people or things.

– Lack of personal hygiene.

– Proven Rioters that manifest violent behavior and to cause or

incite any disorder in the room.

4. All terms of any contract included or allocated within

of these terms and conditions.

5. Ultim Avis collects and stores your personal data without disclosing

to third parties and ensures that the privacy of your personal information

It is protected.

6. Ultim Avis has the right to charge guests for damages

intentional or caused by misuse of items.

7. Ultim Avis has the right to charge guests for damages

intentional or caused by misuse of items.

8. Ultim Avis does not tolerate any form of bullying or harassment to their


9. It will not be possible to start the game if there is a delay of about 15 minutes

the reserved time. In this case, you can not change the game session or

it may claim reimbursement of the fare paid.

10. The maximum duration of the game is one hour. It is possible to extend

This time.

11. Ultimavis reserves the right to request the image rights

Users of these images have been taken within their

facilities. These pictures to hang on the web will be used in

social networking and promotional use.

12. If during the course of the game one alienates users,

you must exit the game accompanied other users until

reset, other users can continue playing. in case

accident or serious ailments that staff Ultimavis

controls the game can decide to stop completely.